Tri-Polar Personality Disorder Information

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Tri-Polar Disorder refers to a particularly vexing personality disorder caused by the interaction of Borderline Personality Disorder and Bi-Polar Brain Disorder.
(Note: the former is a personality disorder, and the latter is a brain chemistry disorder.)

When a sufferer of Bi-Polar (commonly known as Manic-Depressive) also has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) (see, a third polarity state often manifests. We call this Manic Dysphoria (dysphoria is the opposite of euphoria).

Manic Dysphoria is an uncontrollable and irrational state of anger, often accompanied by associated psychosis, such as paranoia or hallucinations.

Tri-Polar is particularly difficult to understand because it is the interaction between Bi-Polar and BPD, and thus has symptoms of both. But more distressing is how difficult it is to manage.

On this website we will be providing you resources to understand, and attempt to treat the disorder. For those whose families and loved ones are affected, we encourage you to visit the Case Study page for deeper insight.

Please exchange information with others who are trying to grapple with this problem.

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