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If you are representing a Tri-Polar, you are in for a trip you might long regret. The Tri-Polars (and BPD’s) are likely to be highly convincing in their initial interviews, and will see you as their rescuer.

However, into the case, you will begin to realize their accusations are not all true, and when you confront them with concrete evidence you need to win the case, often they will “split” -- turning on you, seeing you now as their enemy. There will often be a big blowup as they accuse you of not properly representing their case (remember, your role, in their mind, not really to be their attorney, but to be their advocate to destroy the other side on the stand.

This also happens with mental health professionals who attempt to treat those with BPD. All too often they turn on their professional advisors, often accusing them of untrue things, even to the extent of filing formal complaints with licensing authorities.

If you are representing the spouse of a tri-polar, be sure to see the information in the Judicial section of this website..

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