Case Study

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The following short articles and graphics will help you understand what Tri-Polar is, how they function, what it feels like to live with someone who has it, and why it is often confused with Bi-Polar.

Downloads (The real and sad stories of Ginger and Kassandra):

Life with a BPD Mate -- Response to Reading “Stop Walking on Eggshells”

Section 1 Understanding How Bi-Polar becomes Tri-Polar

Section 2 Bi-Polar-BPD Merry-Go-Round

Section 3 To Better Understand Dysphoria

Section 4 How Mal-Adaptive Dysphoria Destroys Relationships

Section 5 Map of BiPolar II & BPD Cycles

Section 6 Interactions of the Three Wheels of the Enigma Machine

Section 7 What it feels like to live with a Tri-Polar

Section 8 Overlap Between Borderline and Bi-Polar Disorders

Read a 2 week Diary by Kassandra’s husband of how disconcerting it was to live with a real Tri-Polar

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